Regret, Worry, and Other Personal Ghosts

Image © Unsplash/Erik Müller


Slithers into your bed past midnight whispering things that you did or didn’t do, should have or shouldn’t have done. Likes to moan “what if… what if…”

Your past

Phantom taps on your shoulder and shadows out of the corner of your eye. Other times manifests as a door that keeps creaking open on its own and won’t stay shut.


Takes over your body and common sense to show you premonitions of disasters and everything that could go wrong.


A semi poltergeist-like entity that tickles your feet, rattles your fingers, and makes loud noises calling for a different way of living.

Unflattering reflection

Appears in the mirror under bad lighting. The kind that women — and some men — have been socially conditioned to fear when they hit “a certain age”.


Heavy presence that sits on your chest, keeping you from getting out of bed in the morning.


Low, growling voices that only you can hear. Usually about your flaws or other people’s perceived perfection.

Indonesian. I gotta put all these thoughts somewhere.